The future is given shape by our faith. As a renowned Americal social philospher Lewis Mumford observes:”Faith is the creative process, in the dynamics of emergence, in the values and purposes that transcend past achievements and past forms, is the precondition of all further growth”, Including that fundamental and all important faith in the students and inspiring them to strive for excellence constitutes the key commitment of Jhunjhunwala P.G. College Faculty Of Engineering & Technology. It is a value to which all our resources are aligned. It is a commitment toward which all our efforts are geared. Indias cherished vision to become super power can only be attained by its large high quality human power. The educational Institutions especially those imparting technical education have to take the responsibility of developing and nurturing the world class Medical Professionals, Engineers and Technicians. The Jhunjhunwala P.G. College Faculty Of Engineering & Technology provides access to student centric quality for Paramedical Education and Homeapathic Pharmacy skill upgradation and training through quality Education in Paramedical Education and Homeopathic Pharmacy.